UBER Driver Discount

Hyundai has recently partnered with UBER Technologies. In addition to current incentives and rebates, you will receive an additional $1000 incentive toward the purchase of a New 2015 or 2016 Hyundai vehicle. Must provide a copy of the Uber Driver Dashboard showing registration at time of purchase. Incentive must be applied to purchase price. Buyer must be a registered Uber driver.

are licensed, car service FHVs (the lower end of the FHV market). If you booked a "regular" Uber car and one of these showed up, you'd be disappointed, and might leave some carping feedback. But by setting up a significant price differential, they can now expand the fleet (and car availability), with full disclosure that you might get a non-luxury car, but at least it will be much cheaper.

An Uber SUV, while not conforming directly to the NYC hierarchy, is a Black Car or Limousine that happens to be a large Sport Utility Vehicle, seating up to seven passengers.

A regular UberBlack is a "Black Car" in the NYC hierarchy, and is the type typically used by businesses, usually a high end town car that seats up to five passengers.